Keynote Speakers

9/14 13:10-14:10 Prof. Birgit Mager (University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany)
”Designing the Future – Designing for Services”
Throughout the last decades the influence of design on the economy and on the society has grown continuously and the impact on the quality of our environment and on our social systems is very impressive. Based on a critical reflection on “Design Thinking” the keynote will take a close look at the role of design for improvement and innovation of services. Systematic improvement and innovation of services have become major challenges for all industries. Service Design provides a design based systematic approach for service success. The basics of Service Design will be introduced and case studies will give insight into the way it is applied in different branches.

9/15 9:30-10:30 Mr. Norio Murakami (Special Guest Professor at Graduate School of SDM , Keio Univ., Former VP of Google Inc. & Former President of Google Japan Inc., Japan)
"Butler Service as the goal of Digital Personal Assistant on Internet"
Various services on Internet have been created, introduced, and appreciated for the last quarter century since WWW started. The most recent one of those services such as "Siri" and "Google now" is categorized as Digital Personal Assistant. The goal image of Digital Personal assistant on Internet is a butler in the real world. The recent development of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, and Robotics is preparing to introduce Butler Service on internet soon, that is provided on all Smart Devices such as PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, Wearable, Implantable, Smart Home, Smart Appliance, Smart Vehicle, and so on so force.

9/16 9:30-10:30 Dean/Prof. Jun Murai (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University)
”World After the Internet”
Only 3billion people are using the Internet today. But in some of the leading countries, the Internet is almost for everybody and the coverage of it is anywhere. In such case, things also are connected to the Internet direct or indirect, to share information and data. Infinity of data is generated every second and is shared freely in the global space. This is what we call ‘after the Internet’ world. When the 3billion becomes 7 billion? Ten years? Fifteen years? Anyway, we already have a testbed to discuss what the services like in the world after the Internet being ‘completed’.